Richard C. Lee

As some of you are amazed with how this could have happened. Some of us in Tx. are taking a different approach to this situation.
In case things get a little tough after January 20th...
Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the union. (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.)
We Texans love y'all, but we'll probably have to take action since Obama won the election. We'll miss you too.
Here is what can happen:
1. Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the United States, and Texas immediately secedes from the Union.
2. George W. Bush will become President of the Republic of Tx. You might not think he talks too pretty, but we haven't had another terrorist attack, and the economy was fine until the effects of the Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came to roost.
So what does Tx. have to do to survive as a Republic?
1. NASA is just south of Houston, Tx. We will control the space industry.
2. We refine over 85% of the gas in the United States.
3. Defense Industry--We have over 65% of it. The term, "Don't mess with Tx.", will take on a whole new meaning.
4. Oil--we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Tx. will need for the next 300 years. What will the other states do? Gee, we don't know. Why not ask Obama?
5. Natural Gas--again we have all we need and it's too bad about those Northern States. John Kerry and Al Gore will have to figure out a way to keep them warm.
6. Computer Industry--we lead the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment-small companies like Tx. Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Intel, Motorola, AMD, Dallas Semiconductor, Nortel, Alcatel, etc...
7. Medical Care-We have research centers for cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world, as well as other large health centers. The Houston Medical Center alone employees over 65,000 people.
8. We have enough colleges to keep us getting smarter; University of Tx., Tx. AM, Tx. Tech, Tx. Christian, Rice, SMU, University of Dallas, University of Houston, Baylor, UNT, Tx. Women's University, etc... Ivy grows better in the South anyway.
9. We have an intelligent and energetic work force, and it isn't restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in Tx., it's a right to work State and, therefore, it's every man and woman for themselves. We just go out there and get the job done. And if we don't like the way one company operates, we get a job somewhere else.
10.We have essential control of the paper, plastics, and insurance industries, etc...
11.In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Tx. National Guard, the Tx. Air National Guard, and several military bases. We don't have an Army, but since everybody down here has at least six rifles and a pile of ammo, we can raise an Army in 24 hours if we need one. If the situation really gets bad, we can always call the Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over the Tx. Rangers.
12.We are totally self sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs, several types of grain, fruit and vegetables, and let us not forget seafood from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows how to cook them so that they taste good.
13.Three of the ten largest cities in the United States, and twenty-three of the 100 largest cities in the United States, are located in Tx. And Tx. also has more land than California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Vermont combined.
14.Trade: Three of the ten largest ports in the United States are located in Tx.
15.We also manufacture cars down here, but we don't need to, You see, nothing rusts in Tx., so our vehicles stay beautiful and run well for decades.
Now, to the rest of the United States under President Obama:
Since you won't have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 9mpg SUV. The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes.
You won't have any TV, as the Space Center in Houston will cut off Satellite Communications.
You won't have any natural gas to heat your homes, but since Mr. Obama has predicted global warming, you will not need the gas as long as you survive the 2000 years it will take to get enough heat from global warming.
Signed, The People Of Texas
P.S. This is not a threatening post--just a note to give the Obama Supporters something to think about!!!!
Sleep well tonight, the eyes of Tx. are upon you!!
One Nation Under God....
"Life's tough...It's even tougher when your stupid." John Wayne

Therese Daniels

If you want facts main stream media are deliberately hiding about Barack Hussein Obama,
you don't want to miss this broadcast

Sunday night (01-18-09) 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time

Topic is:
Only two days of America the Beautiful left!
January 20, 2009 the inauguration of Barry Sotoero as
44th President of the United States
is a farce, a coup de’tat, an installation of a Usurper, and a Traitor in the Whitehouse!

We shall weep together as thugs & thieves steal America by a rigged election they falsely call
“the will of the People”

The whole world, but the American people know that the slickest coup d’etat in history happened. January 20, 2009 begins the rule of oppression.

We are proud and honored to welcome Dr. Kate, our special guest!

Dr. Kate has dedicated many hours of research regarding the rights of the public as protected by the US Constitution and the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen”. Why this was important to our forefathers and America is so relevant today in regards to Obama, who will be installed as a Usurper. We are all very fortunate to able to ask Dr. Kate directly about her profound insights and factual knowledge about redress and remaining choices America has regarding an imposter in the Whitehouse!

Obama still refuses to produce
his birth certificate

Don't miss tonight's program! This may be one of the few opportunities we have to speak our minds before Obama thugs began to silence American forever!

What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!

You can write to the chat room at or

call 347-633-9851

You can also post comments at


As a Canadian, I have read the messages on this sight with SHAME for you degenerates. Look, the world has endured GW BUSH for 8 years and now, with the economy and peace in the dumper for Obama to go with, give the guy some slack. He's in it for 4 years and he'll need everyone who claims to be an American pulling their weight. Do your job and help out...give it a try for God sake. You guys make America, "The Whine Capital Of The World" and we hear you babies!


I love you Therese, please contact me, we have a lot in common, Obama must go!!!! Please America!!! we must fight

JENnifer B

these days. arnold s, ect. all HYPE no substance.

ms angelous sister

I dont like the comments MAYA ANGELOU MADE when obama won! ms angelou,that was WRONG


Please add to this list:

Thanks! I will swap links in return.

Therese Daniels

End of the American Dream

My heart breaks for those wonderful optimists who are still holding hope for a last minute deliverance from the crime about to be committed upon America. Somehow, some way, justice riding a white horse will stop the inauguration proceedings of President Elect Obama and America will be saved from the horrendous disaster! If wishing made it so, then I too wish the same.

The reality is slapping America in the face! It ain’t gonna happen! America has been betrayed! The power grabbers are not going to give up without a bloody fight. We the people were caught unprepared for the fight. The dream is over. The nightmare has begun.

Start thinking about how you are going to survive under the new America. Start planning how to save your own lives. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. I’m feeling scared!

Usa patriots shout

Therese Daniels

See what the Russians are saying about Obama:
Go to: and
read what the Russians are saying about:
Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist Why is it the whole world knows and admits the facts about Obama and our disgusting American Press thinks Americans are so stupid they can continue lying and suppressing information and we won’t know the cowabunga from shinola.

Hell no. We won’t take it any more. The resistance to media lies and political abuse is just beginning. They will be made accountable for the flim-flam they are trying to pull.

This is what I say: He is a major threat to America’s national security.

power is corrupted sometimes

Obama had dreams of becomming a political celebrity.ITS all showmanship with him. no real intelligence- former PREs had to step in to clue him in on things as they love our country @dont want to
see it fall down .FOR all of u who write in about race its NOT RACE a lot of US have issues with-we dont like his POLICIES(or bidens)

Therese Daniels

The Government Socked It To Us!

Here is the painful reality. Fitzgerald has been investigating Obama along with Blagojovitch from many long past months. Fitzgerald already knows Obama has already committed enough crimes to be arrested, stand trial, found guilty and sit in jail above and beyond failing to meet Consitutional requirements Section II part I. So does the American public, Obama”s key campaign advisors, the Clintons, Pelosi, and the entire gang of lawless conspirators who are responsible for installing a usurper into the Whitehouse. Obama’s many felony crimes are all so well known by so many, there is no doubt that Fitzgerald was ordered to keep his hands off Obama. In exchange for looking the other way, Fitzgerald was given Blagojevitch as one gives a dog a bone. Obama is simply above the law and untouchable.

There is no doubt in my mind after I heard Congress approve of Obama as President yesterday, that the best the Supreme Court will do is give time and attention to the Obama law suits, then find a convoluted way to claim Obama does meet the Constituional Requirements to be President in hopes of quashing this issue once and for all. America, its wonderful Constitution, and the will of the people be damned. WE now live in a lawless America.

Another words our government socked it to us.

All that remains is to continue beating a dead horse until either we are totally defeated by a government turned dictatorship or we have a revolution.

A government by the people, for the people is only fantasy and an old memory. “We the People” are now victims of tyranny oppression.

Please join the discussion on between 7 & 9 p.m. pacific standard time. Call in at 347-633-9851. There will be so little time left before the Obama regime starts shutting all voices that oppose him. Let us speak out while we still can!

sally johnsons dad

sally JOHNSON u are the looser cause u will have to now deal with his policies. we are all going to LOOSE
cause of the obama supporters.



Ben Talson

He is going to be president and I love it that you guys can do nothing about it. Might as well crawl back into your caves for the next eight years. A new dawn and generation is upon us.

sally johnson



I am glad OBAMA is helping to dignify the image of
the black man in America(because everyone that knows me knows i love the brothers) BUT oBAMA is
not a good politician.! 1st of all the man was born in
KENYA not USA. i hope we get out of this mess we;re in and right now i think we;re all suffering


i am so sickk of obama.
he is not even born here he was born 800 hundred miles away of america.he needs to go i hate him so much.
and i am dissapointed in the american people who voted for him!

fuck obama stupid ass muslim

Therese Daniels

“No Burris in our Senate” protests Harry Reid, the ever so self righteous. “Blago, you evil, step down. Richardson, we will not tolerate corruption in our pure and infallible government,” Democratic crocodile honorables are proclaiming! “We wash our hands of you, Blabbing Blago,” the so very nobles exclaim to the caught-with-his-pants-down Illinois Democratic governor. My, my, my, what proud defenders of decency, honesty and justice our politicians have recently become! There wonderful actions should make your heart soar like an eagle with pride.
With politicians of such of integrity, why am I not soaring like an eagle? How come I don’t feel ever so clean, safe and humble in the face of this brave leadership? Why is it I only feel disgust? Could it be the only reason the Dems are angry with Blago is because he was careless enough to get caught? Could it be the timing of Blago’s arrest is of special benefit to the Obama thugs? Somewhere in the Obama worshiper’s murky souls is joy because all MSM attention is focused on Blago, Burris, and Richardson. They have turned these guys into red herrings so they can complete their final strategy without interference? While MSM is wasting news time making a big deal over these menial scandals, it continues to keep public the attention off the greatest and most horrible crime about to happen to America. The master minds of this hideous conspiracy are hoping the public will not notice or even care they are placing a USURPER in the Whitehouse! They are coating the event with so much glitz and glitter; they actually think the public will believe this is cause for celebration instead of profound sorrow! These guilty conspirators not only steal the presidency, rape the Constitution, they mind fuck the public! That is audacity at its finest!
Strange as it is, Obama is far less offensive to me in the over all scheme than the people currently in government who aided and abetted him knowing fully that once installed, he will be a USURPER. If I were Obama with an opportunity to be President regardless if I were or were not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, I would do exactly what Obama has done and is doing. Hooray for me and the heck with you! To hell with the American constitution. To hell with America. Take it to the limit and see if I can get away with it. What is there to lose compared with what is there to win? If Obama does get away with it, then he can become Emperor of the Universe. If the stupid American people should wake up, and say; “No, Obama, you are not qualified, you can not be president.” So what! So what is the worst they can do to him? So what if Sotoero’ hands get slapped. So what if he doesn’t get to play in that sand box for awhile. It is a small risk for such a huge prize.
If Sotoero takes the oath Jan.15, 2009 on President Lincoln’s Bible, our present government will knowingly have installed a USURPER. From Jan.15, 2009 forward the American people have been betrayed by their own elected people. This day will go forever down in world history as the blackest day of America. It will be known as the day the completion of the Coup d’ etat. America was sold to the highest bidder. In more basic terms, if Obama is sworn in on Jan.20, 2009, The American people have been screwed, blewed, and tattooed by its own government. The Obama thugs and worshipers will have taken America down a no return “shit’s creek”.
Obama is not the only villain in the Coup d’ etat. Obama has a whole legion of traitors willing to commit treason against America. The real villains are the whores and sluts of Congress, state and Supreme Courts, and the American People who knew Obama did not qualify and ignored the rule of the Constitution and supported him any way. Bill and Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Oprah Winfrey, The Kennedys, every member of the electoral college who voted for Obama in spite of being well advised to not do so until Obama first established proof he is qualified. (Which to this date he has not.) The judges who refused to make a simple court order—ask Obama to produce his docs and prove he qualifies. These judges chose not to do their jobs and dismissed the many law suits based upon technicality. They, too, are guilty and responsible for the loss of America. These judges know who they are and so does the American public. The nine Judges of the Supreme Court who appear to be going along with the Coup d’ etat rather that honor their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and throw the bum out! (Justice Roberts has agreed to swear Obama, the Usurper into office.) What does that make Justice Roberts? What does that predict about what the judges are going to rule regarding Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS.
It is quite obvious there is a reverse lynch mentality in the actions of these Obama Worshipers. They appear to think that strength in numbers absolve them of guilt. Crime is crime whether committed by only one person or 1,000,000 people. Every person who knew Obama is not eligible to president who assisted Obama’s journey to the Whitehouse by ignoring the Constitutional rule in any way shape or form no matter how small or big is guilty of conspiracy, treason, perjury, public betrayal, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and, and, and, and, and, and, and.
Even if Obama moves into the Whitehouse and assumes the role of Presidency, the issue of Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen and is therefore a Usurper will not end. There are thousands of patriotic citizens who are going to continue through legal methods to insist Obama produce his documents and challenge the legality of anything he does while he remains in office without having proved he is qualified. This is the greatest scandal in American history. It has and will become a monumental mirror daily reflecting to all the people involved their own corrupt characters. This excruciating scandal is shouting to the whole world the names of the people who so willingly sold America—their own country-- for the price of a little dirty power and 30 pieces of silver. The names of every one of you are well known. Sooner or later this mess will be sorted out. Even though you may dance at his inauguration, you will one day regret January 20, 2009. You will discover you didn’t get away with it. One day each and every one of you will be held legally accountable in the same way the Nazi war criminals were made to stand trial for their crimes against humanity. You know who you are. So does the world.
Therese Daniels

Joe Biden

We should try to get him impeached.


For someone who has seen communist europe as a child- i visited my grandpa- and seen European villages patrolled by tanks- I dont think a lot of us realize what we have here. I am hurt obama was voted in. I am against his Policies-very much so-
and consider him to be radical. I am glad America decided to vote in a man of color but wish it was soomeone- anyone who was good ,decent and honest. At the innaguration he will put his hand on a bible - and underneath it all may be lying to all of us about his origin of birth. (another reason i dont like him)

Therese Daniels

Which Will It Be? Riots or Revolution

Ever since Sotoero aka Obama stole the delegates from Hillary Clinton, I have felt very uncomfortable about the state of affairs for America. Something is wrong. I sense strange and bizarre energy. Something terrible is going to happen to America, I would think. I just can’t put my finger on it. Everything I ever thought was good and wholesome is being rejected. Everything I thought was horrible and disgraceful about human behavior was either being ignored or admired. The best within mankind was being traded for the worst in society. MSM was telling the public that a pile of shit was a pile of gold. Or, or, or maybe it was my imagination. Whatever I seemed to be seeing or feeling was totally upside down and inside out. Then a chill would run up my spine. I have such AN awful fear and I cannot find or see anything to fear. If these weird thoughts and feeling don’t soon diminish, I may have to question my sanity.

Time passed and I began to search, research, and search the internet some more. I began to leave CNN and Fox news on six to ten hours a day. My husband began complaining he only saw the back of my head and he was sick of news, news, and news. The crazy feelings persisted. Something’s wrong. Something awful is going to happen to America. The “something” that bothered me was invisible. I couldn’t see or touch it. It was only an imaginary feeling of dull dark dread. If I just continue researching maybe I will find what is bothering me, I reasoned. The more I researched, the greater my fears grew without being able to identify them. Why, Why, Why I have been asking. Am I losing my mind. (Then I remembered. A person has to have a mind to lose one. So I found a little comfort in that thought for five seconds.)

Gradually a pattern began to come forward. I would discover the most outrageous, unbelievable frightful facts about Sotoero. These facts were so horrible, I had to be certain in my own mind they were true and NOT the lies of malicious people who didn’t like Sotoero. Consequently, I spent hours cross checking the information, its source, and reliability of the person giving the information. Then I would cross reference that information against other and so on, on, on. When I became certain in my mind the negative information was indeed true, I would think MSM had a journalistic responsibility to report such facts to the publics. Then I would watch the many MSM news channels for hours and days waiting for those vital facts about a presidential candidate—a man applying for the leader of the nation and the free world job—to be broadcast to the public. Not a word did I hear. The closest I saw MSM come to revealing any where near to the negative facts that were growing faster the beer hops, was Sean Hannity of Hanity and Colms. Then, I, not as thoroughly checked news papers. Like the TV channels, negative facts about Barry were conspicuously missing. More chills ran up my spine. I continued to feel stronger something awful is going to happen to America

The second media phenomena I noticed about MSM reporting about Obama was the way it would demean, humiliate, distort, or abuse journalism in any way possible when it came to Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and other items that placed Obama in a negative light. The more I watched MSM create their gossamer web of lies, the more confidence I lost in MSM. The more chills went up my spine. Something is wrong I would again hear myself saying. Something awful is going to happen in this world became like and unwanted mantra.

More and more questions were being asked on the inter net about Sotoero’s citizenship. More and more factual information came forward that proved Obama is not eligible to be President. The MSM silence grew louder. The silly COLB Sotoero published on his web site proved to be a forgery. A FORGERY! A FORGERY! Oh my God. A man running for the US Presidency publishes a PUNY LITTLE DOCUMENT AS PROOF OF HIS PLACE OF BIRTH WHICH TURNS OUT TO BE A FORGERY AND NOT ONE WORD ABOUT IT IS HEARD ON MSM! Now I KNOW something is wrong with the status of America. Now I am certain I am not losing my mind. Something awful is going to happen to America. Another chill of fear runs up my spine. This time it is mixed with a little depression.

On August 21, 2008 I met Philip Berg via America’s Right published by Jeff Schreiber. Wow. A law suit against Sotoero has been filed in the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT regarding “standing” regarding the right to sue to demand BARRY SOTOERO BRING FORWARD HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND PROVE HE ELIGIBLE TO PRESIDENT UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION. Finally the highest and most sacred court in the land is aware that there is a candidate running for president who may not qualify. The Supreme Court are the upholders, protectors, and guardians of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION—THE GREATEST AND MOST SACRED DOCUMENT EVERY CREATED BY MAN. What a thrilling joyful moment in my very disturbed life. A rainbow of hope flooded my heart! At last MSM will report the story. Sotoero will either prove he is eligible or step down. No way will this silver plated turd win the presidency now, I joyfully pondered. Finally the fraud will be revealed. American is saved.

I hurried to the television to wait for the news to be broadcast. It was the kind of story good journalists live to tell. It was the kind of story that would change the minds of the voters from one candidate to another. It was the kind of story that could change history. Oh, I wished I were a professional journalist. Would I ever have pleasure writing that one! If this wasn’t one of the best headline news stories of the 2008 election at that point of time, then what was? I waited, and waited and waited. I saw Paris Hilton talking back to McCain in a stupid u tube video?

The silence grew so loud, it was painful. I suffered extreme pain of disappointment, confusion, the return of fear and the nagging mantra something is wrong. Something awful is going to happen to America. This can’t be happening—not here. This is the land of free speech. This is America where people from other countries hope to live in freedom. Freedom is what our young men and women are risking their lives for on foreign soil. What will they think when they return home and discover there is no longer any freedom in America?

Berg had filed his law suit. Many more similar law suits were filed. MSM never mentioned them. The campaign proceeded. The election was held. The people voted. Obama it seems won. Not one word on MSM was mentioned about the question of Obama’s eligibility to be President. The law suits against Obama piled up in the state courts and the US Supreme Court. To date the only response from the courts has been to dismiss most of the cases on technicalities and give the public more of the great silence we have painfully learned to expect. More and more information came forward that began to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Barry Sotoero FAILS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT.

We The People Foundation published two full pages in the Chicago Tribune regarding this very important issue. It politely asked Obama to produce his legal birth certificate and prove he is eligible. It is a matter of National SECURITY. Once again all the public received was THE GREAT SILENCE. We The People Foundation advised every voter in the Electoral College to insist Obama produce his documents and prove he is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN BEFORE THEY VOTE FOR HIM. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL MAKE EACH VOTER GUILTY OF TREASON. Still the public hasn’t heard one word from the allegedly great orator’s mouth. Nor have we heard one word about the fact Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen from MSM. The Electoral College voted for Obama any way. The public again got the great silence.

The legal experts, historical sages, experts of all kinds and investigators have informed the world that if Obama insists upon taking the oath and being inaugurated, he will be installed as a USURPER! They have in no mistakable terms informed all those who participate in permitting Obama to take the oath of Presidency, they partners in many, many felony crimes among being treason, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, betrayal and misuse of public trust and a whole lot more. IN less than 15 days America will have A USURPER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Thousands of letters from concerned citizens have been sent to the nine holy guardians of the Supreme Court, to the voters of the electoral college, to Senators and Congressman, to the DOJ, pleading, begging, informing and asking that either Barry Sotoero Produce his documents, step down or be prevented from taking the oath this January 20, 2009. To date every one mentioned above has chosen to ignore this most important issue, do as they please, to hell with the public, and remain in GREAT SILENCE.

Now I know what the awful thing I couldn’t understand is happening to America. It is no longer invisible. The pattern that could only be revealed by time is clear. Now I know, the America in which I was born and lived all my life will never be the same again. Now when chills run up my spine, sorrow fills my heart, tears flow from my eyes, anger rages within, and the sense of loss of America traumatizes me beyond description.


i love obama

obama is good man

Therese Daniels


There are no misunderstandings here. Sufficient accurate facts and information have come forward that establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that BARRY SOTOERO, AKA BARACK HUSSEIN MOHAMMED OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE US PRESIDENT. He is not eligible under the USA Constitution, Article II sec.--. Because he does not meet the qualifications of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.



It is no longer a question whether or not Mr. Sotoero is qualified. No matter which way liars try to convolute or twist the facts, it still boils down to: BARRY SOTOERO IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE PREIDENT. HE IS A USURPER. HE IS ALSO AN ILLEGAL ALIEN. THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS THESE FACT.BARRY DOES NOT LEGALLY QUALIFY TO BE PRESIDENT. So does the collection of conspirators who are insisting Sotoero be inaugurated know Barry is not eligible.

The only real question is will what is left of the government that has the authority to stop this treason against America have the courage to do what it right? It is the choice of the departments of the government who have this authority to either uphold and defend the US Constitution as it is written or betray the people of America by failing to protect the national security of America and permit a USURPER TO STEAL THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.

Will they, (Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, President Bush, and the military) do right by American? Will they do what they should do?

What they should do and the only thing they should: is save American and forbid Sotoero to take the oath, arrest and put in him jail without bail. Then after a hearing deport him to whatever country he is a citizen.

Will these alleged pillars of government look the other way, consciously violate the US Constitution by allowing a traitor to become a usurper? Will they betray their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, America, and the American people?

This and only this is the question every patriotic American hanging by its nails is asking between now and January 20m 2009. While Sotoero supporters are using the promise of major riots in the streets if they do not follow the “will or the people”, America will face the reality of a greater crisis—A REVOLUTION.

So which will it be—Uphold and protect the Constitution or rape and violate it; Permit a Usurper in the White House or arrest and throw the bum ourt Riots in the streets or an all out revolution?

USA patriots-shout

Therese Daniels

Time to Stop Being Politically Correct and Start Being Humanely Honest

The Hamas is quoted in the media: “NO TRUCE UNTIL ISRAEL STOPS ITS ATTACKS’

Oh Yea! How ‘bout this: “ISRAEL ATTACKS DON’T STOP UNTIL EVERY JEW HATING PALESTINIAN IS DEAD” . . . is what this writer would like Israel to say to these idiots. Further more, we are going to bring General Moishe Dayan back from the dead. He had no delusions, illusions, or fantasies when it comes to dealing with Jew hating/every body hating Muslims.

“Innocent civilians are being killed. Women and children are being killed by the Israelis”, the Palestinians are crying. That is what is so. So what, says this writer. I have no empathy, sympathy, or compassion for people who scream foul when their illogical actions bring upon them their logical conclusions. If the Hamas refused to extend the six month peace agreement and barraged Israel with missiles, why does the Hamas think Israel is going to send them flowers? It isn’t Israelis killing Muslims. It is Muslims who kill Muslims by the religion they choose to practice and the hostilities the perpetrate upon Israel and other countries.

I am not a Jew. I am an infidel. The Jews no one wanted after World War II turned that little part of the world into a beautiful jewel of a country surrounded by waste land owned by the Arab Muslims for thousands of years. I have always admired Israel as one of the true free country’s of the world. Rather than learning from the Jews, the dysfunctional Muslims have waged war upon Israel ever since. Now they are invading other countries around the world trying to force their backwards beliefs upon the modern world. Look at England. England! The stoic Brits were known for their toughness through out the world. I am shocked they have permitted themselves to regress to the 8th century! Muslims are already over crowding New York.

The Muslims have so little regard for their own people, they fail to protect them so they can live in peace and harmony. Instead of creating governments that promote goodwill among other people and countries, they create hostility with all “infidels” in the name of Allah. What kind of people would use their own people—including women and children as living bombs and call it noble? What kind of people refuses their women and children medical attention that will save their lives? What kind of religion chooses war over religious ideology at the price of its own people? (America stopped wars over religion in 1776). What kind of a religion is it that chooses suppression and oppression of its own people? If the Muslims of Palestine don’t want to be killed in war, all they have to do is choose peace. Israel did not refuse to extend the peace agreement. Israel did not hail Palestine with over 100 missiles in three days. Hamas did all that! It is time for Muslims and the rest of the world to recognize and acknowledge that the only people responsible for the death of Muslims are the Muslims themselves. The only thing Israel is doing is “taking care of itself”.

Regardless what religious beliefs exist in all the religions of the world, the first spiritual law of any of them is: “Take care of yourself.” This simply means keep your self alive and do so in as healthy and productive way as is possible. Therefore if you threaten my life or my property I am going to A. protect myself and B. Kill you, if you don’t refrain from threatening me. That is not only moral and spiritual to do so it is universally legal.

Until this last year, I have always been tolerant of other religions and people’s choices to worship as they please. The more I have learned about the Muslims, the more intolerant I have become. I have a hard time with a religion that rewrites history books to remove the facts of the holocaust in Germany because it offends them. I have a hard time with people who want to teach their children lies so they can continue living with archaic inhumane ideas to suppress women and their own people. Then insist upon forcing their dysfunctional beliefs upon the rest of the modern and enlightened world.
The world hating Muslims have been so obnoxious around this planet, I choose to no longer be tolerant of their intolerance. So I will say what Israel and all the politically correct people will not say. If you—women/world hating Muslims don’t cease and desist from trying to take over the planet with your hateful Muslim religion and barbaric, retarded sharia laws, and your clinging to ancient bigotry and get out of my, my country’s face and Israel’s face, too, I will wage “an American Jihad” on you the likes of which your miniscule minds could never conceive. If it takes 5,000 years, all of planet earth, and the entire universe, I will not quit until every infidel hating, retarded, ugly Muslim is either dead or has spit, pissed and defecated on the Koran. You have gone too far and enough is enough. So you had better start retreating back to the countries you were born. Get out now. The world has had enough!


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